Driven ​To Find Peace, Purpose, & Power

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" Inspirational. This book is very enlightening with a spiritual background. The daily devotionals are compartmentalized, which allows for better understanding and easy reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and highly recommend it to anyone. It would definitely help you during your daily life." Sandra

" JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! Thank you so much for this great read. Driven has been a source of wisdom and strength for me as I navigate through life's challenges. I highly recommend the purchase of this book." Silky D88

"Worth It! The words written can be truly life changing. Dive deep and soak in what each day brings!!" Brian

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The Silent Killer: Infidelity 

June 22, 2022

Has the reality you thought you lived in been shattered by the silent relationship killer known as infidelity? I call it a silent killer because as soon as the seed is sown it begins infecting your relationship with lies and secrets.....

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Signs of Stress You Should Never Ignore

April 10, 2022

Are you aware of how easily life’s challenges can have a negative effect on your entire well-being? You’ve surely had an experience or two where rough times have come upon you, and at the end of the road you feel...

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The Power of Journaling

May 3 , 2022

Few people realize the power they have when they put their thoughts on paper through the simple process of journaling. While it may seem like a waste of time; journaling provides numerous benefits and a surprising.... 

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Five Effective Strategies For 

Dealing With Anxiety

October 1, 2021

Anxiety is a common emotion that many people face. That should not be surprising given the historical times we’re living in with COVID-19, civil unrest, and financial uncertainties.

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Common Blind Spots When Working On Self-Care

September 7, 2021

When it comes to working on self-care, all of us have different blind spots. These are basically aspects of ourselves that we aren’t fully aware of. It could be personality traits, feelings...

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