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Tiffani Davis

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Yo​ur thoughts create your circumstances. Is your thinking preventing you from living the life you want? 

Take the thought check assessment to see if you have limiting beliefs infecting your future. 

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January 6, 2023! 

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Tiffani Davis

Tiffani has a passion for empowering people and does so with practical and effective strategies enabling them to live purposeful lives and create personal and professional relationships that are healthy and mutually beneficial.

With 20 + years of professional experience serving people as a life coach,

sociologist, counselor, and licensed minister, she has a keen understanding of the influence of society on people and the challenges they face.

Tiffani's an international speaker who talks to her audience about finding hope when all hope is lost and realizing their greatness by understanding the power in them. She's also the Amazon best-selling author of Driven to Find Peace, Purpose, and Power, a 21-day devotional that will help you learn to be your best self by applying Biblical truths and Change Is Coming- Faith to Face the Inevitable a faith-building book to help people navigate stressful changes in life.    

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About Tiffani

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To Find Peace, Purpose, & Power

Driven is a devotion book that will encourage and equip you with spiritual insight to navigate life’s many challenges and provoke you to be your best self. 

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Amazon Best-Sellers 

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 Change Is Coming

Faith To Face The Inevitable

Packed with faith-building stories, strategies, and Tiffani's testimony about change, this book will help you face challenges with faith to move to the next level spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Feel Weighed Down

Trouble Letting Go

Negative Thoughts 

You have been promised an abundant life that includes unspeakable joy and victory in the trials you face. Despite the promise, the trials of life can leave you worn out spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Know you are not alone in how you feel and when fighting the battles you face. Tiffani assists people like you to break through paralyzing thoughts known as limiting beliefs, heal from past pains, and create the life you want to live.

It's not too late to start living your best life now. 

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ACE Breakthrough 

System Explained

Interview with Best-Selling Author, Co-Founder of  Women's Prosperity Network, & Entrepreneur, Trish Carr on her Get Real, Be Real Podcast. 

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Deep Dive Package

The Deep Dive program is composed of 12 sessions for people who are ready to release the past and present baggage that has them feeling spiritually and emotionally weighed down. 

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Clarity Package

The 6-week coaching package is designed for people who may not be experiencing chronic emotional distress but still finding it challenging to live

 their best life. 

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Single sessions are for people who just need a confidence boost to make the decisions they have identified as important or need direction in achieving a goal they're working on. 

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